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Cities: Skylines – Kliekie Recycling Center

kliekie_recyclingcenterDon’t you just hate those big ugly garbage landfills and polluted noisy incineration plants? Tired of big recycling centers? Take this 4×4 snug fit mini recycling center! It will collect all the garbage and just recycle it into whatever!

It’s more expensive than a normal Landfill, has less trucks, but it also has less noise and pollution than a normal landfill!

Some stats
Construction Cost: 15000
Garbage Accumulation: 0
Maintenance Cost: 4000
Noise Accumulation: 25
Noise Radius: 50
Pollution Accumulation: 0
Pollution Radius: 0
Electricity Production: 10
Garbage Capacity: 175000
Garbage Consumption: 5000
Garbage Truck Count: 10

668 tris
1024* texture

Custom LOD:
54 tris
128* Texture


Steam Workshop Link – Author : Kliekie

Credits: Kliekie

File Details:1,6 MB / ZIP
Download Cities: Skylines – Kliekie Recycling Center -


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