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Cities Skylines – Kafka Hotel

Kafka Hotel mod for Cities Skylines.

Five- to seven-story hotel building. The longitudinal front has an arcade. Height development like the side facade have a three-stage height or facade structure. The seventh floor is partially designed as an air floor, in which the technical infrastructure is located and ´hidden´.

The building is based or is inspired by two buildings from Berlin. However, in his draft it represents a separate interpretation. Because when I was looking for a place for SvenBerlin’s “rotating head statue” (Kafka), I became aware of a vacant lot in my city. This vacancy was so special to me that I thought it unlikely that a suitable asset would be found here at some point.

The architectural design then developed under the principle “the location determines the architecture”. The property is trapezoidal, so that there is a three-part, recessed facade structure. The building should be subordinate to the neighboring high-rise buildings with regard to height development. The arcade results from the arcade-like structure of the neighboring building complex. At least three representative facades result from the three street fronts. The name of the hotel results from the spatial proximity to the “rotating head statue” by Franz Kafka.

The total effort for this asset is around 55 hours. Filing your own design, trying out different texture elements, etc. takes a little more time than reconstructing an existing building.

Credits: Yosh

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