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Cities Skylines – Irizar i6 EuroLines Bus

Irizar i6 EuroLines Bus mod for Cities Skylines.

Here I bring you another intercity bus or Coach from the Sunset Harbor DLC,
It is the integral IRIZAR i6 model with a SCANIA engine from the EUROLINES Agency


It is a business organization dedicated to long-distance passenger transport
by buses, operated by different transport companies in Europe.
It operates different international routes through Europe and Morocco covering more
of 500 destinations in 25 different countries.

It is not a company but an organization made up of several European transport companies
that cooperate with each other, offering integrated tickets and the possibility of transferring
between different routes.

Since operation is decentralized, service standards vary depending on
of the countries where each route operates. In some areas of Europe, especially in the
Baltic countries or in the Balkans, Eurolines routes are widely used
to travel between small neighboring countries, while in other areas of Europe
the use of rail and air transport is more common.

This model performs the same functions as the vanilla game coaches,
circulates on the highway and goes to the Interurban Bus stations or terminals, just as
than the coaches of the game.

Speed ​​120 km / h
capacity 66 passengers

Well I hope you like it and enjoy it

Tris 2512
NO LOD – Autogenerated.

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor

Credits: TecniRanger

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