Cities: Skylines – I-5 at Harbor Blvd (Anaheim, CA)

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I-5 at Harbor Blvd (Anaheim, CA) for Cities: Skylines

Disclaimer :
  • The thumbnail picture is from a detailed scene, it is not what the asset will look like right after being placed.
  • You are strongly advised to plop this asset on perfectly flat ground in order not to mess up the slopes.
Informations :

This parclo interchange is based on the one located in Anaheim between the I-5 freeway and Harbor Boulevard. Those of you who went to Disneyland Resort may have driven on its ramps as it is located right next to the amusement park.
It is a 40° A2 partial cloverleaf interchange with the highway at ground level and the cross boulevard 9m above ground. I tried to make it as close to 1:1 scale as possible for realism purposes.

The first picture is from a scene where i tried to recreate the surroundings of the interchange. The freeway is entirely custom and was made using assets from my Custom Freeway collection, but keep in mind this is not a good way to decorate your freeways on a large scale as it is extremely prop/performance costly.. You can see what this asset really looks like in the second picture.

I did not include road markings in this asset due to the game prop limitation.
Also due to the way the assets are saved, there is a angle resolution limitation that can be easily fixed in game, I included a 3 steps smooth ramps guide in the pictures.

Requiered mods :
  • Next2 as I used 2 lanes, 5 lanes and 6 lanes highway.
  • Fine Road Tool in order to get the ground/elevated segments right
Suggested mods:
  • Fine Road Anarchy used in the smooth ramps guide
  • TMPE for lanes restrictions, connectors, and traffic lights which will improve the flow.
  • Move It in order to move the bridge pillars out of the way (you can use the building filter to select them more easily), also recommended when smoothing the ramps as you can ctrl-z if you make a mistake.

I included pictures of a possible TMPE configuration, you can modify the traffic lights phases length to adapt to the traffic in your city (through vs turning movements).

Credits: Pamani

Download Cities: Skylines – I-5 at Harbor Blvd (Anaheim, CA) - Download Link #1

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