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Cities: Skylines – Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU)

Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU) for Cities: Skylines.

Home of Croatian Artists (HDLU), better known as the Meštrović Pavilion, is a round modernist art gallery and exhibition space in Zagreb designed by the renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović (in collaboration with architects Harold Bilinić and Lavoslav Horvat). Built from 1934 to 1938, the building served many functions throughout its turbulent past, including being converted into a mosque and later into a museum.
The rotunda is both an architectural and an engineering masterpiece, its most noticable feature being the concrete dome with circular glass inserts, which is 19 meters (~20yd) in diameter but only an incredible 5.7 centimeters (2.24in) thick.

Real-life location:
Square of the Victims of Fascism 16, Zagreb, Croatia
level 6 unique building
Main model:
3026 tris, textures: 1024×1024 (a, d, n, i, s)
468 tris, textures: 512×256 (d, i, s)

Credits: iminimi13

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