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Cities Skylines – Hollandaise Pack

A set of 5 generic Dutch brick buildings. 3 are standard, 2 corners L&R.

I had to delete the first one and re-upload because I couldn’t update it so I’m very sorry to those who were using it. This is terrible practice but hopefully it won’t happen again.

I’ve re-imported them to fix their position. 1-4 work fine but the left corner, #5’s model isn’t the correct size but I’m not touching these anymore. It’s still positioned correctly to be the left corner so you can put a little park, path, gate or something else in the gap.

Doors are all blue to avoid rainbow-street but you can change their colors with Painter and color code neighborhoods.

They all use the same 512×2048 texture, come with custom LODs and some colors on the doors. They are propless to avoid repetition so feel free to drop a water tank or some solar panels on a couple!

Credits: Accapulco

Download Cities Skylines – Hollandaise Pack -


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