Cities Skylines – Highway Signpack: Cpt Beltway (I495)

Create a realistic highway system: Cpt Beltway (I495)

This pack consist single and double signs for various kinds of highway exits and for interchanges as well (North/East/South/West).
You can search the props using Find It. Search on ‘F91’ to find the signs.

Including 39 signs:

F91 Airport (double/single)
F91 Bayside (double/single)
F91 Central Park Blvd (double/single)
F91 Downtown (double/single/special: Historic Downtown)
F91 Evergreen (double/single)
F91 Hospital (double/single)
F91 JCT North/East (double)
F91 JCT North/West (double)
F91 JCT East/North (double)
F91 JCT East/South (double)
F91 JCT South/East (double)
F91 JCT South/West (double)
F91 JCT West/North (double)
F91 JCT West/South (double)
F91 JCT North/East/South/West (single)
F91 JCT Special (1 mile)
F91 Stadium (double/single)
F91 Stanford (double/single)
F91 Sunflower (double/single/special: Amusement Park)
F91 The Pier (double/single)
F91 2nd-10th St (double/single)
F91 11-18th St (double/single)

Credit(s): FinnyM

Download - Cities Skylines – Highway Signpack: Cpt Beltway (I495)

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