Cities Skylines – Hexa Structure

hexa-structure-001 hexa-structure-002 hexa-structure-003 hexa-structure-004 hexa-structure-005 hexa-structure-006 hexa-structure-007 hexa-structure-008 hexa-structure-009 hexa-structure-010

Hexa Structure for Cities Skylines.

Multiple purpose structure on 3 feet, adjustable in height with the mod “Move it”
Could be placed everywhere you want, and produce one little quantity of electricity.

Contain D/N/S and Lod file, no color change

Triangles: 1.442 / 68
Weight: 18.16 / 0.90
Texture: 512² / 64

Credit(s): luminou

Download - Cities Skylines – Hexa Structure

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