Cities Skylines – Het witte huis (the white house)

This asset is based on “Het witte huis” (the white house) located at the old harbour in Rotterdam (Netherlands).
It was built in 1897 in Art Nouveau style as an office building.
When built, the 43m (141 ft) building was the tallest “skyscarper” in the Netherlands (some say in Europe).
These days it is mounumental building and used as an office building and cafes on the ground floor.

In game it is a 3×3 building set as an unique building.

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Building stats:
Construction costs: 25000
Maintenance cost: 100 / week
Room for 72 workers
Tourist attraction: 300 total
Footprint 3×3

Asset stats:
Tris count: 5k
Texture: 2048×1024
Maps: -d, -n,, -s, -c, -i, -a
Colors: no color variation
Custom lod

Lod stats:
Tris count: 310
Texture 256×256

Tags: Het witte huis, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3×3, unique building, Europe.

Credit(s): Dutchmountain

Download - Cities Skylines – Het witte huis (the white house)

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