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Cities: Skylines – HDB Red Brick Street with Double Yellow Lines

HDB Red Brick Street with Double Yellow Lines for Cities: Skylines

Big thanks to Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! for working together on this and taking these awesome screenshots! Check out his HDB flats that pair with this street and other work here!

This variant has no-parking double yellow lines. Get the variant with a solid white centre line!

Commonly found in Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) public housing estates, this is a two-lane, two-way red brick street which supports very low traffic at a speed of 20 km/h, decorated with realistic details like no-parking double yellow lines and metal drain hole covers.

Fun fact: Singapore, a small island city-state in Southeast Asia, was a British Crown colony from 1819 to 1963, and therefore inherited most British road markings and the iconic Belisha beacon. The double yellow lines used here are generally thicker than British equivalents, but if you’re building a British/Irish/Hong Kong/Malaysian city, perhaps this street could still fit in!

  • Find in small roads category
  • Ground level only – use other roads for elevated and tunnel
  • Speed limit 20 km/h
  • Costs same as two-lane road, noise pollution same as two-lane road with trees
  • 9.5m wide (zoning as if 2 tiles wide)
  • Sidewalks use your map theme texture
  • Half-height kerbs
  • Herringbone red brick road texture
  • Realistic details such as no-parking double yellow lines, metal drain hole covers running along the sides, no road arrows, no zebra crossings at intersections, and dropped kerbs at intersections with other types of roads

Credits: Urbanist, Ali Cafe Hao YEAH!

Download Cities: Skylines – HDB Red Brick Street with Double Yellow Lines - Download Link #1


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