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Cities: Skylines – HDB Apartment Blk 763506 (side)

HDB Apartment Blk 763506 (side) for Cities: Skylines

This is the side facing version (2 tiles wide, 4 tiles deep)
Front facing version link (click here)


A modern public housing apartment block in Singapore. Inspired by the design of Blk 506C along Yishun Avenue 4, this asset recreates the 21st century Singaporean public housing in Cities:Skylines.

I know the tris is quite high, but it’s difficult to reduce it. The ledges (in addition to the paint scheme) are the only thing that differentiate the new HDB flats, so it’s quite out of the question to cut it (explains the 5620 tris submesh).

Click here to check out the other HDB apartment block asset!

Other information
Tris: 10060 (main and submesh tris: 4440 and 5620)
Level: 4 (a level 4 template was used)

Credits: EndlessFtw

Download Cities: Skylines – HDB Apartment Blk 763506 (side) - Download Link #1


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