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Cities Skylines – Half Timbered Barn

Half Timbered Barn mod for Cities Skylines.

A small old half timbered barn that nicely fits farms, rural areas or some backyard in an oldtown. This building was inspired by a barn in Singen (Hohentwiel), Germany.

In game this is a plop anywhere park on a 2×2 plot, search for “halftimbered barn” or “rl” using Find It!. It doesn’t have a colormap and doesn’t need any additional props.
For detailed and close up shots you can enable the support beams of the roof by renaming the building. I wouldn’t recommend having the beams on if you don’t see them as they are quite tris-heavy.

I’ll do a Farming industry and an Industries-DLC version if there’s enough demand.

Technical Stuff:
Main: 476 Tris, 512×2048 Maps
Beams-Submesh (disabled by default): 360 Tris, 32×128 Maps
Main-LOD: 22 Tris, 128×64 Maps
Submesh-LOD: 1 Tris, 32×32 Maps

Credits: Rex_Luminor

Download Link #1

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