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Cities Skylines – Gropius Building

You could leave me a tip if you want (more growable office buildings!) and for custom requests too! (i will use this money for the industries DLC now)

The Gropius building is a building based on early corporate buildings between the 60’s and 90’s, using the architecture concept of “International Style”, or variations of it. It’s most notably seen in Brazilian metropolises such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


– Building with 1843 tris and 1024×2048 maps.
– Custom LOD with 70 tris and 256×256 maps.


– Growable 3×3 Office
– 65 meters high (213 ft)
– Level 2
– 4 colors, custom colors for the walls with the mod “Painter”
– Without props on the ground level

Credits: Othercakes

Download Cities Skylines – Gropius Building - Modsup.com

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