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Cities: Skylines – Greenspear EU

Greenspear EU for Cities: Skylines

This map is based on the original Greenspear by Kaulquapil, with a number of significant changes:

– It’s now a European themed map.
– I used the West Coast map theme. It’s my favourite, but not mandatory.

– Created a new highway network, which includes a bypass.
– Added a railway network with a connection to the outside world.
– Changed the ship lanes around, giving more options for harbours.

– Created a promontory at the mouth of the bay. Perfect for forts, castles and old towns!
– Changed the bay around – fewer jutting peninsulas, more open.
– Added multiple rivers/creeks that are fed by lakes in the mountains.
– Made the mountains more rigid. Cleaned up the way they connect with the water.
– Added offshore oil, changed around the ore and farmland, added more forest.
– Added a number of beaches, cleaned up any odd bits (trees in water, etc.)
– Added wildlife spots for land and water.
– Other minor changes made throughout the map. Too many to count.

Like the original, it’s a perfect map for a 25 tile city/region.

I really hope this map and Kaulquapil get some attention. It really is fun to play on.

Credits: derigin

Download Cities: Skylines – Greenspear EU - Download Link #1


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