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Cities: Skylines – Glass Elevators

Glass Elevators for Cities: Skylines

Animated functional-ish glass elevators in 6 / 9 / 12 meter variations.

The elevator contains an invisible “underground” path and a “balcony”.

You need road anarchy enabled to place it.

DO NOT place it close to roads (place it more than 2 cells away from roads on the side of the elevator), for some reason sometimes the paths screw up and snap to the ground when you do this. You can move it afterwards fine tho.

Once you place it, the ground may come up to the path, creating a hill, use move it and hold alt to select the vanilla pedestrian path node and delete it, then rebuild the vanilla pedestrian path (or some other custom path if it works) coming straight out of the elevator, DO NOT create an intersection with the elevator “balcony”, make it go straight for a bit and then do whatever you want further.

They do some other weird stuff while you’re plopping or moving them, but other than that should be fine, got tired of troubleshooting it.

If you don’t want citizens using it, simply use move it and hold alt to select all the nodes in the building and delete them.

If you disable the building, the animation will stop but the citizens will still use its path.

Main: ~1900 tris / 256×256 + 256×256

LOD: ~50 tris / 32×32

Credits: Ronyx69

Download Cities: Skylines – Glass Elevators - Download Link #1


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