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Cities Skylines – (Functional Propellers) C-47 Gooney Bird (Cargo Airplane)

He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar.
You ain’t gonna jump no more.

Originally this plane was the Douglas DC-3, which was an exeptional airliner for its time, which made air travel much more accesible and comfortable. But when world war II came these planes were quickly commisioned by the US military, during these long years of war the plane proved to be an excellent transport plane, transporting the goods and men of war to every frontline the US fought in. But most well known is the plane’s involvement in the preperations for D-Day, dropping thousands of paratroopers behind enemy lines.

Now this plane can prove itself once more, transporting cargo to and from your cargo airports.

Has custom working propellers that spin at low altitude and turn into transparent propellers at high altitude.

Has custom retractable landing gear that retracts when the plane reaches altitude, and deploys when it initiates landing.

Has working taildragging, meaning the plane will assume an angled position during landing and correctly lands on its tailwheel.

Comes with custom effects, such as smoke and working propeller sound.

4.2k tri’s, 1024×1024 textures.

LOD included.

Includes both Vehicle and ploppable variant.


Why does the plane quickly transition between leveled flight and landing animations ? = Because we cant use smooth animations and this plane therefor uses submeshes.

I get an error about the propeller LOD ! = Ignore this error, the plane and its propeller works fine, this error is harmless.

I dont believe it has working propellers ! = watch the video attached.

Credits: GiometryE

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