Cities Skylines – Fine Road Tool

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.6.1-f2 (Natural Disasters)

This mod allow you to set finer road elevation steps and also provides different building modes.

NEW IN 1.2.0
– Now reduce the number catenary masts of rail lines. Can be disabled in the mod options (Pause menu > Options > Fine Road Tool)

– Normal (Nrm): Unmodded road placement behavior.
– Ground (Gnd): Forces the ground to follow the elevation of the road. This also works downwards (sunken roads).
– Elevated (Elv): If the type of road selected has it, it forces the use of the elevated pieces, even at 0m and below.
– Bridge (Bdg): Same as elevated but with bridge pieces.
– Tunnel (Tnl): Create tunnels, underground or not.

Straight slope
– Makes the road go straight from A to B instead of following the terrain.

If you need anarchy with straight slope, use Fine Road Anarchy which integrate nicely within the mod’s interface.

Use Ctrl + Up/Down to change the elevation step (it goes from 1m to 12m).
Use Ctrl + Left/Right to change between placement modes.
Use Home to reset the elevation.
Use Shift + S to toggle the Straight slope option.

Known issues
Converting roads to suspended bridge doesn’t work properly. Bulldoze and rebuild is required.

Credit(s): SamsamTS

Download - Cities Skylines – Fine Road Tool

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