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Cities Skylines – Fallen Redwoods

Fallen Redwood by MrMaison

Introducing a 5 piece Fallen Redwood tree set. These trees had a good life but still can be found hanging around the forest. These fallen trees and stumps can add more realism to your forest creations adding some history of things that happen over time or perhaps because of a severe storm. Included are 3 fallen Redwoods and 2 stumps. Large stumps 🙂 This is my first fallen tree set.

Note: I didn’t make these terrain conforming because I want players to be able to place them across paths or water. Besides, I think these trees don’t bend so easily.

Redwood Stump- 443 tris
Redwood Stump 2- 235 tris
Fallen Redwood- 401 tris
Fallen Redwood Mossy-401 tris
All 4 have 1024 textures
Fallen Redwood 3- 1,999 tris (Have branches included) 1024×512 textures

Credits: MrMaison

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