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Cities: Skylines – European Apartment Building #1

European Apartment Building #1 for Cities: Skylines

This is an old European building found in Osnabrück, Germany. It’s location next to one of the busiest streets of the city has influenced the way this building looks. The exhaust of cars has left black stains all over the facade. Due to the noise pollution, the land value in this area is not very high. So the owner probably never had enough money to renovate the building.

Also there are no props added on the ground. For detailers.


European Apartment Building #1 (In-game name: EuropeanApartmentBuilding#1)
tris : 2,620
maps : d,n,s,i,c
texture size : 2048×1024

tris: 74
maps: d,s,i,c
texture size: 128×128

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Credits: cbudd

Download Cities: Skylines – European Apartment Building #1 - Download Link #1


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