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Cities Skylines – Emerald Park Condominium

The Emerald Park Condo’s are residential towers located in Toronto Ontario, Canada. The complex consists of 2 towers, one 43 stories and the other 33 stories. The towers sit atop a 3 story podium which houses the complex’s amenities and retail space.

RICO: This asset is RICO compatible and functions as a Level 4 residence with 430 homes. You do not need the RICO mod to use this asset, however if you wish to use this as a functioning residential tower than you will need the mod.

Note: Required Ploppable RICO

Cost to build: $140,000
Upkeep: 14,000
Size: 11×4
Residential Level: 4
Homes: 430

Credits: JSF-1

File Details:1,3 MB / ZIP
Download Cities Skylines – Emerald Park Condominium - Modsup.com

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