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Cities: Skylines – Ellafeld – A Simple River/Coast Map

Ellafeld – A Simple River/Coast Map for Cities: Skylines

Simple custom river valley map with a coastline & a few small islands. Nothing fancy – very little extraneous detailing & loads of flat, open build plain.

Now a European base map, as per suggested theme. Also reworked approach to start square, to reduce reliance on NExt2 and improve early game traffic flow.**

Assets-wise, all vegetation is very low tri, and performs much better than vanilla equivalents.
**You can get away with just the Generic Tree Pack, NExt2 & Mass Transit if you want to keep it really basic.**

This was made as a quick ‘proof of concept’ location for a city build idea I wanted to try out for myself.

Then I figured some of you might also appreciate a straightforward building-focused map to play around on, so I uploaded it here.

Road – 4/4
Train – 3/4
Ship – 2/4
Plane – 4/4

Recommended Mods:
Network Extensions 2 — download
Generic Tree pack — download
Bush Shrubs Low Poly — download
Cluster of weeds brown — download
Forest Floor Patch — download
Mossy boulders pack — download
Mixed Plant Clusters — download
Decorative Grass — download

Credits: gomark

Download Cities: Skylines – Ellafeld – A Simple River/Coast Map - Download Link #1


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