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Cities Skylines – Don Valley – Toronto

Don Valley, Toronto, ON, Canada

The North shores of Lake Ontario, a clean slate to start with on the grounds where the Town of York was founded and would eventually become Toronto.

The starting area would be roughly where Danforth Ave is today.

I did not include Oil or Ore in this map, as I don’t know of any noteworthy natural resource deposits of that type in the area.

Fertile farm land is abundant, along with lumber. There is also good potential for Hydro power on this map. (I know the Don river doesn’t typical flow with the capacity you see here, but there are/were Mills used all along its length at one time.)

The highways and rail connections roughly follow major routes in the area today. Air traffic is generally East-West, and shipping lanes come from all ends of Lake Ontario!

Credits: a bag full of puppies

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