Cities Skylines – DLR – NGT Cargo (4Cars)

Autonomous. Battery Powered. Fastest Cargo Train. Made by Germans, as usual.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR), known for its innovative railway research projects, has come up with a concept design for a high-speed freight train. DLR said NGT Cargo would be made up of individual cargo wagons, which can be driven autonomously, and high-performance locomotives which will enable it to tackle issues like pollution, noise and congestion. As well as NGT Cargo, DLR is looking into alternative drive systems for non-electrified railways and methods for ensuring high-speed trains are able to cope with strong crosswinds, for which DLR has developed a system which uses electromagnets to stabilise the train.

Technical Details
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized: Cars and engine shares textures, improving performance
  • 30 cargo cap
  • 2048*512 textures
  • Maximum speed game allows
  • Custom LOD
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Project is sponsored by BrowncoatTrekky

Keywords for Workshop search: Germany, Deutsche, High Speed, DLR, Transport, Cargo, Battery, Electric, Innotrans 2018, German, Aerospace, Center, Deutsches, Zentrum, für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.

Credit(s): BrowncoatTrekky, REV0

Download - Cities Skylines – DLR – NGT Cargo (4Cars)

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