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Cities Skylines – District Service Limit

Restricts some services to serve only the surrounding district

No matter where you plop service buildings, the spawned vehicles will eventually travel long distances to fulfill the cims’ needs. It seems the “coverage radius” just affects people happiness. The result of this problem is increased traffic and lower service efficiency, forcing you to plop additional service buildings.

This mod works in a simple way: if your service building is part of a district, it will only serve the buildings within that same district. In case it’s outside a district it will work as usual, servicing everybody. If the service building needs emptying (landfill, cemetery, etc), then it may use either buildings of the current district or buildings that do not belong to any district.

This is my first mod, so for now I was only able to restrict the service buildings that spawn vehicles to do its work: landfill site, snow dump, cemetery, fire house, police station, medical clinic, etc. I will try to handle the other services as well, like schools, parks and sauna, but it may take some time.
Known issues

* It’s possible that this mod will conflict with other mods that change the service buildings/vehicles somehow. Let me know if you experience anything like this.
* Conflicting mods, based on feedback from subscribers: ARIS, Traffic++ V2, Central Service Dispatcher
How to enable

Just subscribe and enable the mod through the in-game menu. There is no configuration to be done, when you start the game the mod is already working.

Credits: gsteigert

File Details:8 KB / ZIP
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