Cities Skylines – District Service Limit

Restricts the service buildings to serve only the surrounding district + additional districts defined by you. Also control where the citizens of a given district are allowed to work, do shopping, attend schools and hospitals/clinics.


No matter where you plop service buildings, the spawned vehicles may eventually travel long distances to fulfill the citizens’ needs. This results in increased traffic and lower service efficiency, forcing you to plop additional service buildings and spending more money.


This mod works in a simple way: if your service building is part of a district, it will only serve the buildings within that same district. In case it’s outside a district it will work as usual, servicing everybody. If the service building needs emptying (landfill, cemetery, etc), then it may use either buildings of the current district or buildings that do not belong to any district. On top of that, additional districts may be configured per building in case you think it can handle the demand.

Known issues

* This mod will conflict with other mods that change the service buildings/vehicles/citizens somehow. If you suspect there is a conflict, try toggling the mod on and off, observing whether it has any effect on the issue.
* Conflicting mods (based on feedback from subscribers): ARIS, Traffic++ V2, Central Service Dispatcher, and others.

How to enable

Just subscribe to the mod and enable it through the in-game menu.
Use the options screen to tweak its behavior.
Configure additional districts for service building within districts by clicking on them.

Credit(s): gsteigert

Download - Cities Skylines – District Service Limit

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