Cities: SkylinesMod

Cities: Skylines – Custom Effect Loader

Custom Effect Loader for Cities: Skylines.

This mod is required for props and vehicles with custom light effects. It sets up and enables the effects on level load. Just install and enable the mod and enjoy the lights.

All Assets with Custom Effects Tag


Performance should be excellent! There is no difference between the shipped light effects and custom ones.

What if the mod breaks? Do I loose my savegame?

It’s very unlikely that the mod breaks as it uses core systems of the game that weren’t changed in a long time.

Props: No it won’t break anything. The only effect is that props that depend on this mod will loose their light effects if the mod is no longer available. This is a purely visible mod and it can be disabled at any time!

Vehicles: For some vehicles with custom light effects (that were saved using “Extended Asset Editor”), this mod becomes a hard dependency. Luckily you can always unsubscribe broken vehicle assets if something goes wrong! Vehicles saved without EAE are not affected.

Credits: boformer

Download Cities: Skylines – Custom Effect Loader - Download Link #1


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