Cities Skylines – Combine Citadel

Combine Citadel by WormSlayer

Works as a very high radius police station with zero electricity consumptiuon, but very high water requirement. Also employs quite a few people.


Cost: 250k
Fire Hazard: 1
Fire Tolerance: 100
Garbage Accumulation: 50
Maintainance Cost: 25k

Electricity Consumption: 0
Sewage Accumulation: 0
Water Consumption: 25000

Educated Workers: 200
Highly Educated Workers: 100
Uneducated Workers: 300
Well Educated Workers: 150

Police Car Count: 100
Police Department Accumulation: 300
Police Department Radius: 5000

Credit(s): WormSlayer

Download - Cities Skylines – Combine Citadel

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