Cities Skylines – [CIV] 2018 Toyota Tacoma with Bed Cap

Put a Bed Cap On Your Truck

If you don’t want the cargo in your truck bed exposed to the elements, you should look into buying a bed cap. This handy cap from Leer will cover your cargo and let you be assured that all your supplies won’t be falling off the side after a super steep sand dune.

Model Information

2436 Tris
Textures 1024 x 1024
Colors: Dark Amber (Brown), Barcelona Red Metallic, Calvary Blue, Cement (Gray)

Added cap to the civilian (no cap) version, removed bed textures.

All stats are the same as the default SUV. Use Advanced Vehicle Options Mod to change it to fit your needs.

Credit(s): ninjanoobslayer

Download - Cities Skylines – [CIV] 2018 Toyota Tacoma with Bed Cap

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