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Cities: Skylines – Cartagena Colombia Map

Cartagena Colombia for Cities: Skylines.

This is a to scale model of Cartagena in Colombia, South America on the Caribbean coast. I visited here recently and was appalled at how bad the traffic in Cartagena was! The original city was a walled city guarding a harbor on a larger bay, to guard against pirates and invasions. If you are looking for THE Pirate City, this is it. Cartagena has been sacked more than 43 times by various pirates and nationalities over the last 500 years. The “Royal Road” left the city and wandered Southeast through a chokepoint between the bay and rocky mountains. This roal road (represented by highway here) becomes snarled with traffic every day during rush hour.

Can you grow the city organically and avoid the traffic pitfalls of modern Cartagena?

Credits: Hadlock

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