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Cities: Skylines – (C) BOOK OFF Yotsukaido

C BOOK OFF Yotsukaido for Cities: Skylines

Although it is “book off” which tends to be pushed by applications for flea markets, the difference in purchase price of books and DVDs is getting rid of compared with Akihabara.
However, the used purchase price is 1 yen except for the new work, and the value of the old book is not so much emphasized.
Although we are singing eco reuse factory, the disposal amount of old books is overwhelming in the industry.
The price changes according to the inventory amount at the shop front, but 99 yen for goods sold at 100 yen is profit.


It becomes a commercial facility of RICO version.
“Banccyou stopping” and “Parking out to safe area”by no maner cars, but it is not a bug but the specification of Chiba prefecture.

(Property extracted version)

Construction cost: 0
Maintenance Cost: 0
Uneducated Workers:0
Educated Workers:30
Well Educated Workers:75
Highly Educated Workers:45

Credits: shibakata

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