Cities: Skylines – Bruck Map

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Bruck Map for Cities: Skylines.

For this map I stayed in my home country, Austria, and the region around Bruck an der Mur. It comes with a picturesque landscape, all connections and sufficient space to build a city or several smaller towns.

As always, I like forests, so there are a lot of trees (mainly low poly, anyway make sure again to bulldoze them when building instead of just letting the game hide them). So you will need the Unlimited Trees Mod. However, there is no oil! Well, technically there is, but it‘s used as snow texture by the map theme. Usually, in Austria we decorate our mountain peaks with large crosses. But feel free to place an oil pump there, if that‘s your thing.

For most parts, the map‘s topography and infrastructure stay very close to the original. Changes I made include lowering the tree line and thus seemingly elevating the whole place into the higher Alps. I also widened the river Mur to make river navigation possible. Regarding this, please read the info box below!

Please make sure to subscribe to all items in the Bruck – Map Essentials Collection

River shipping:

The river has been adjusted to fit river ships. Tankers and cruise ships will not only look oddly misplaced in this setting, they also will glitch at the bridges.

Please use Advanced Vehicle Options to block large ships from spawning and use river ships like for example these:
River Ship by SwissCH
Small River Container Ship by LeeTowers
or others from the workshop.

If you don‘t want to use shipping at all, you can either disable all ships from spawning with AVO or load the map in the editor and delete the ship path.

Credits: Wafthrudnir

Download Cities: Skylines – Bruck Map - Download Link #1

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