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Cities: Skylines – Breidablik

Breidablik for Cities: Skylines.

Breidablik („Broad-gleaming“) is inspired by the landscape of Western Norway and offers a picturesque scenery and enough space to build a small to medium-sized, detailed city.

I recommend the use of 25 or 81 tiles.
Highway connections: 4
Train path connections: 3
Ship path connections: 4
Plane path connections: 4
Trees: 465.400 (Hence the requirement of Unlimited Trees Mod)

Please make sure to subscribe to the assets in the map collection.

Used mods and settings as seen in the screenshots:
Theme Mixer:

CliffDiffuse:NotSoRocky Hills
CliffSandNormal: NotSoRocky Hills

Brightness: 0.9
Gamma: 0.65
Contrast: 1
Temperature: -0.25
Tint: -0.05
Sun Temperature: 0.15

LUT: .RelightNeutral

Sharp Textures
Tree LOD Fix
Tree Movement Control

Credits: Wafthrudnir

Download Cities: Skylines – Breidablik - Download Link #1


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