Cities: Skylines – BR 187 – Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (8Cars)

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BR 187 – Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (8Cars) for Cities: Skylines

TRAXX 3 / BR 187 Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo with ZACNS pack
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Ahead of its time, the innovative TRAXX 3 platform’s energy efficiency and proven ability to pull high train loads responds to the global freight market’s demand for higher productivity, improved maintainability addresses customers’ needs for increased flexibility and availability.

Technical Details
  • Locomotive and Wascosa only ZACNS pack.
  • AUTO REVERSE: Engines switch positions in the direction of travel.
  • TRAILER VARIATION: Randomize trailers based on load.
  • 140km/h, 1.5m/s^2 acceleration
  • Custom and optimized LOD
  • Detailed textures
  • Cars are made by Change of Mind (✪ CV). custom LODs are added by me.
Recommended Mods
  • Advanced Vehicle Options, to disable default cargo trains, or activate/disable cargo trains to be spawned.
Downvote Fairy

There is a downvote fairy in workshop, who is downvoting every vehicle asset that gets released not done by him. If you like this model, make sure to upvote it.


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Keywords for Workshop search: Bombardier, Traxx 3, BR 187, transport, train, cargo, AC3, Wiener, Lokalbahnen, Austria.

Credits: REV0

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