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Cities Skylines – Bombardier TRAXX 3 & TWINDEXX: Generic (10Cars)

TRAXX 3 & Vario – Generic: 1400 passengers

In 2008 Bombardier presented the “Dosto 2010” future family of double-deck trains for the German market. For international sales they were branded as Bombardier TWINDEXX with a “Vario” concept that allows these trains to be built for regional or intercity connections up to 160 km/h.

Technical Details
  • Line Colored
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized
  • Locomotive, power and passenger cars
  • 140 passengers per car
  • 200km/h, 1.5m/s^2 acceleration
  • Custom and optimized LOD
  • Control and power cars are illuminated, no additional mods needed
  • Detailed roof and windows
  • v2.0 – Improved LOD
  • v2.0 – Fixed textures on gears
  • v2.0 – Improved window textures
Station Length Compatibility
  • Custom Station is required
Recommended Mods
  • From the house, free
  • Schranzparty, for blueprints
  • Gèze, for feedback on polygon texture

If you have any request, refer request form located on my Steam profile.

Tris info
  • Engine: 0.40 / 0.01 barrel, Cars: 0.17 / 0.009 barrel
Downvote Fairy

There is a downvote fairy in workshop, who is downvoting every vehicle asset that gets released not done by him. If you like this model, make sure to upvote it.

Keywords for Workshop search: Bombardier, Twindexx, Vario, TRAXX, double, decker, generic, polygon, line, colored

Credits: REV0, Gèze

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