Cities Skylines – Bludhaven

Here is my recreation of the fictional city of Bludhaven, sister city to Gotham City, and original home of Nightwing. I have tried my best to recreate all the highway systems of the city (including real route US HWY 61, and Bypass Rte 91.

You’ll see other familiar elements such as the “Spine” highway and areas where you’ll be able to recreate docking and harbour areas to give it that old whaling town feel. The only rail system is the one that goes out fo the city – you will have to recreate the metro system on your own (which is largely underground anyway)

Please note: Map was created with the “Unlock 25 spaces” mod in mind, so to get the most out of this map, make sure you have that mod.

Credit(s): imdahman

Download - Cities Skylines – Bludhaven

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