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Cities: Skylines – Block Services – Fish Market

Block Services – Fish Market for Cities: Skylines.

All of the buildings in my “Block Services” Collection (Click here)
are intended for builders who like to plop cities rather than zone them.
Sometimes, a builder may not want to show either a vanilla asset or haven’t found
one that they like for a certain thing. That’s where these come in! Plop the appropriate
one down and use Move-It to cover it up.

Please be aware that assets that require a road connection will spawn the appropriate
vehicle (fire truck, police car, hearse…) from the face of the block that the arrow points to. If you use Move-It to move
the block somewhere else the vehicle will still spawn from that face and not from it’s original location.

Block Services – Fish Market:
  • Acts exactly like the vanilla Fish Market
  • Requires a road connection to place
  • Employs the same workers as the vanilla one
  • Costs nothing to place
  • Costs NO upkeep
  • Causes NO Pollution
  • Uses NO water
  • Uses NO Electricity
  • Produces NO garbage
  • Can be raised into the air without it creating a base.

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor

Credits: Naylin

Download Cities: Skylines – Block Services – Fish Market - Download Link #1


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