Cities: Skylines – Bivalle Coast Map

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Bivalle Coast for Cities: Skylines

A mediocre map by a mediocre map maker.

This map Features

◦ a pretty bad road layout.
◦ unrealistic tree placement.
◦ a sun that doesn’t set over the ocean.
No custom assets (with the exception of an optional theme) were used in this map with the intent to make it accessible for people that aren’t running PCs with 16+ gigs of ram and can’t afford to download 50 different high-poly bushes.
Made the map whilst using Captain Soap’s Realistic Tropical theme, but it isn’t by any means necessary to use it, a simple LUT is sufficient if you wish to stay as vanilla as possible.
However, if you’d like to achieve a similar look to the one in the screenshots, you’ll need said theme and Relight with Ultimate Eyecandy + RelightBleak LUT (comes with Relight) and use settings shown in the last screenshot.

Credits: Austin.

Download Cities: Skylines – Bivalle Coast Map - Download Link #1

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