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Cities Skylines – Bernburg (Saale) Map

Bernburg (Saale) Map for Cities Skylines.

It lies on the river Saale with a hilltop castle towering the old town. This map, based on a highly accurate height and street map is a near 1:1 recreation of the area surrounding the town.

After subscribing to this map you will find two different versions in your game: a redux and unlimited trees version. These two versions only differ in the amount of trees on the map. In case you don’t want that many trees on your map feel free to skip that mod and use the redux version. The Unlimited Trees version of the map has much more realistic alluvial forests and shrubbery on the plains as well as vegetation alongside highway and train lines.

The map, typical for northern Germany, is almost completely flat. The highest elevation is the hill in the starting tile, the real life location of the castle Bernburg. The area is otherwise only defined by the river meandering through it and some quarries and surface mines here and there.
Rail and highway connections can be found in all for directions. To the west is the highway interchange Bernburg. The river has no shipping paths as it is too small and shallow for freight ships to navigate on it regularly.

Credits: Titan

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