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Cities: Skylines – Basic Terrace House #1

Basic Terrace House #1 for Cities: Skylines

Basic Terrace House #1 by Starshall

Low residential level #1 housing (1×2 lot size)
These are newer versions of my previous UK terrace houses. They are based on improved models that include gutters, downpipes and window sills. I’ve also included brick walling as part of the main model.
I’ve also ensured that the textures are not over-exposed using Ronyx’s Relight Neutral LUT to test the textures. All screenshots, (with the exception of one taken using ‘Definite Vision’) were taken using this LUT.
The only custom props used are the chimney pots – decoration at your discretion.

Main Model (#1, #2 and #3 respectively):
Tris – 1002, 1130, 1051
Textures – 1024×1024, d, n, s, c, i

Custom Lod:
Tris – 171, 171, 168
Textures – 128×128

Credits: Starshall

Download Cities: Skylines – Basic Terrace House #1 - Download Link #1


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