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Cities Skylines – Bapindo Plaza Jakarta

Bapindo Plaza Jakarta for Cities Skylines.

Bapindo Plaza is twin tower offices in Central Bussiness District of Jakarta. Standing strong for years, the crown light up the Jakarta’s night sky.


The quality is not that good compared to my other assets. Too many simplifications since it is is the result of my ‘Asset Creation Tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia’. Anyway, please enjoy!

The Assets:

The asset is part of my ‘Asset Creation Tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia.’

The models are not a real life model, but still comparable. The triangles are only ±1000 triangles and ±100 for LOD (low poly model). Created with 1024x and 256x for the maps and ‘next level’ illumination maps.

The asset can be found in the ‘Unique Building’ category. Use ‘find it’ with keyword “Jakarta”.

Credits: fayeddd

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