Cities: Skylines – Badu Gili – Sydney Opera House Prop Pack

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Badu Gili – Sydney Opera House prop pack for Cities: Skylines.


This requires a bit of finesse to place. You will need the Prop Snapping mod, which allows you to place props onto buildings the same way you can in the asset editor. The ‘pivot’ or center of the prop is offset from the display. Once you have the right rotation, you need to aim for the middle of the black sign on the sloped wall at the entrance to the Concert Hall. See the screenshot for an example.

The glorious sails of the Sydney Opera House have been used for years as a canvas for public art, most notably during the annual Vivid festival. Every evening around sunset the eastern sails of the Bennelong Restaurant run a beautiful animated light show of First Nations art entitled Badu Gili, meaning “Water Light”.

This prop pack uses the Additive Shader to ‘project’ art onto the Bennelong Restaurant. It isn’t animated like the real show (can’t combine shaders in that way) so you can only use one at a time, but it’s a selection of keyframes from the 2017 and 2018 shows. Badu Gili is animated in collaboration with Yakkazoo, and features art by the following First Nations artists:

Judith (Jenuarrie) Warrie
Frances Belle Parker
Alick Tipoti
Minnie Pwerle
Lin Onus

Penny Evans
Mabel Juli
Patricia Ansell Dodds
Mervyn Rubuntja
Djambawa Marawili AM
Aiona Tala Gaidan

Tris: 331 (no LOD)
Texture: 1024×512 diffuse only

Credits: Robert

Download Cities: Skylines – Badu Gili – Sydney Opera House Prop Pack - Download Link #1

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