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Cities Skylines – B707-320C Lufthansa Cargo C1978

B707-320C Lufthansa Cargo C1978 plane for Cities Skylines.

Boeing 707-320C, Lufthansa Cargo, c1978

This aircraft requires the Industries DLC.

DeHavilland’s ‘Comet’ may have been the first commercial jet airliner, but Boeing’s 707 family truly ushered in the jet age, when Pan Am began using them in October of 1958. With over 1000 707 variants built, they dominated the skies well into the 1990s. A legendary aircraft, it led to the development of the even more legendary 747, as air travel boomed both domestically and internationally. The book finally closed on commercial 707 service in 2013.

Modelling this type of aircraft was both a lot of fun, and plenty of headaches, given the number of variations. So that meant lots of research, before settling on this particular model, the 320C. Many airlines had the 320C at one point (though I lament the fact that Air Canada was not one of them), so it makes the best candidate for repaint-ability. Boeing produced 337 of this variant for both commercial and military customers.

Given the ‘C’ stood for ‘Convertable’, it’s only natural I do at least one cargo version of this aircraft. Lufthansa Cargo had 6 of the 320C’s, the first entering service in 1965. The last was retired from the fleet in 1985.

Much like my 747-8, this asset could be considered heavy on the tri-count, given the detail. You may take a performance hit using many of these in your cities.

In-game stats:
Acceleration 0.5
Breaking 1.5

This asset is designed for use with a custom airport; using this with the vanilla CS airport won’t work all that well.

Model stats:
4549 tris
2048×1024 D/I/N/S

348 tris
512×256 D/I/N/S

Package contains both the vehicle, and the plop-able version, which can be found in the Plane tab under the Transportation category. It’s a building rather than a prop, so will light up at night if powered–it requires no roads or services, functioning much like a prop.

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Industries

Credits: cosmic_cube_keeper

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