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Cities Skylines – Arrowhead Point – Saved Game

Arrowhead Point – Saved Game:
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-Current Population Approx. 105,000
-Cash on hand: 15 Million ( 15.000.000)
A Large working airport with all 4 (Four) Runways operating…Not sure how many GATES ar used It”s Atleast 6 gates
– Inside the two connected Airports are/is A “Fire Station”, ” Police Station”, Trash Incinerator ..Can’t be seen but all three are sending out Service Vehicles(They exit from center of airport onto road under Airport Canopy..Can also Zoom down/into Airport and see these Buildings. Also I Placed A Working “TRAIN STATION” hidden in the airport as well.. The Track is Underground.
– Also of Note is A ‘Bus Hub” on the Island in center of Map, There are 4 (Four) Metro Stations (Each with seperate lines to different parts of city)…They are CHAINED TOGETHER (Called Metro Chaining) and passengers enter and exit through the First metro Entrance only and the other 3 underground through each others connected Platforms.
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Credits: Jesus Christ

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