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Cities Skylines – Arcade

Arcade for Cities Skylines.

A 3×2 Level 1 low-density commercial building.

Another of the backlog, something I had on the go but never posted. This isn’t an IRL building – but I had this idea for the sign, the star thing, the VIC-20 typeface and the colours – white painted bricks, stripes – the smoke break picnic table – could be Anywheresville, circa 1983. Fun!

Just a simple, low-impact growable, really.

Asset info:
Main model tris: 204
Lod: 64
Textures: 1,024 and 128.
Props and decorations: Yeah, a bunch – this is a plop-and-go kind of thing. Parking spaces too.

No DLCs required or additional workshop dependencies.

Credits: 220hertz

Download Link #1

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