Cities: Skylines – Amtrak ICE (6Cars)

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Amtrak ICE (6Cars) for Cities: Skylines.

ICE North America Tour, 1993

Siemens and AEG, with the cooperation of Amtrak and the Deutschen Bundesbahn, have brought a DB InterCity Express Train to the United States for a six month technical trial and demonstration. After spending July undergoing testing,the ICE begins a two-month national tour of public displays in August and will then enter Amtrak’s Metroliner service on the Northeast Corridor from October through December 1993.

A series of technical tests verified the train’s ability to operate safely on U.S. tracks — the Amtrak ICE Train has been tested at up to 162 mph on the Northeast Corridor. Amtrak has applied to the Federal Railroad Administration for a waiver to the Corridor’s current 125 mph speed limit in order to operate the ICE at up to 140 mph in revenue Metroliner Service.

This is a tribute to high-speed train efforts of Amtrak and the arrival of American creators to Germany, for PDXCON 2019.

Technical Details
  • Subtle Line Color: Line indicator on side door.
  • Animated articulations
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized
  • Engine, 1st Class, 2nd Class, Restaurant
  • 456 passengers
  • 280km/h
  • Custom LOD
  • Detailed roof, windows

Credits: REV0

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