Cities Skylines – Alienware Hover Train

This is my contest entry for the Shape The Horizon contest.
This freight train is futuristic and isn’t in touch with the ground at all but rather run with repulsorlifts.
The locomotive is lime green all the time.
The cars have 4 color variations, 2 different blue, red and lime green.

Info on the models:

Total tris: 3621
Total lod tris: 175

2863 tris
lod: 105 tris

1024×1024 d, a, c, i, s maps
128×128d, i custom maps for lod

758 tris
lod: 70 tris

1024×512 d, a, c, i, s maps
128×128 d, c, i, s custom maps for lod

Thanks every1 for voting and thank the judges, got 4th place with this entry.

Credit(s): ravenz

Download - Cities Skylines – Alienware Hover Train

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