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Cities Skylines – Advanced Vehicle Options AVO (Industries DLC ready)

Advanced Vehicle Options – Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.11.0-f3 (Industries DLC)

This mod let you customize various options about vehicles. To access those options simply click on the vehicle icon at the bottom right of your screen (next to the policy icon). This workshop object is a fork of AVO version 1.8.2 published by SamSamTS.

Mod options
– Hide the user interface: Lets you hide the UI completely if you feel like you are done with it and want to save the little bit of memory it takes. Everything will still be functional.

Vehicle options
– Max Speed: Lets you change the maximum speed of the vehicle. Please note that due how the game simulate the traffic, vehicles may not reach their maximum speed (ie. road speed limits).
– Acceleration/Brake: Lets you change how fast the vehicle accelerate/brake.
– Colors: Lets you change the color scheme for that particular vehicle type. When a vehicle spawn a random color is chosen between those 4 colors.
– Allow this vehicle to spawn: Pretty self explanatory. Be careful, disabling all vehicles of a particular service will prevent it to work as no vehicle will be able to spawn. Make sure you have at least one vehicle available for each category.
– Replace last car with engine: Allows you to make the last car of a train be an engine. The engine is automatically reversed. Now automatically applied to existing trains.
– Capacity: Lets you change the capacity of the vehicle. Note: bigger cargo/garbage capacity is not necessarily better. Cargo/Garbage collection needs to be dispatched across the map so the more vehicles you have the better, as long as the road network can handle the load. You don’t want the capacity too low either as it will generate a lot more vehicles. Try to stay close to default vehicle values.

– Reload: Restore the backup configuration file created when loading the game or using the Savebutton.
– Save: Save a backup of the current configuration.
– Remove vehicles: All existing vehicle instances of that type, driving or parked, will be removed. Hold Shift key to remove ALL vehicle types.

You might also want to check out the offical guide at SamSamTS Workshop
How to Replace default vehicles with custom ones

Configuration file
Since version 1.8.0 the configuration is now embedded into the save file. You can still export/import the configuration if needed. If a save file doesn’t contain a configuration, the last exported configuration will be used.

The exported configuration file can be found at
If you wish, it is possible to open and edit the file with a text editor (ie. notepad).

Other mods like Improved Public Transport, Transport Line Manager or Service Vehicle Selector can still spawn disabled vehicles. This is intended behavior because they offer greater spawning control. Use them to configure which vehicles you want to spawn instead. Can be disabled/removed at any time.

Asset Category Issues: vehicle shows in a wrong category
The vehicle asset author must assign a “service” and a “subservice” property in the ItemClass-Structure of the asset’s VehicleInfo-Object. If the author has assigned a wrong property (e.g. the idea is to have a “farming” vehicle and by mistake the “oil” property is assigned), the asset will not show in “Farming”, but in “Oil”. If the author has a two part asset like a truck engine and a truck trailer, and does this mistake for the trailer, same issue happens; truck engine shows in “Farming”, the trailer in “Oil”. Unfortunately this mod cannot fix such wrong asset category assignments. If you encounter such issue, this would be worth a comment towards the vehicle asset author.

Known issues
Potentially none, but… some of the Industry DLC vehicles do not have a dedicated service assignment (e.g. Farming or Mining). For the moment this affects the Delivery Truck, the Delivery Truck with Trailer, the Delivery Van and the Livestock Truck with Trailer. Do not deactivate these vehicles from spawning, as your own placed industries will never spawn any vehicle. The community needs to develop alternate vehicles with correct vehicle service, so that these vehicles can be replaced in future.

Note #1 27-10-2018 19:30h – Delivery Truck with Trailer (Car Trailer): Car Factory spawns this vehicle. For unknown reasons I only see the engine, but not the trailer (invisible). Not sure if it is related to the mod… 🙁
Note #2 28-10-2018 15:45h – Issue under Note #1 seems to be caused by Traffic Manager PE, have reported to the author.

Credits: Tim

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