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Cities Skylines – Accurate Caracas Map V01

Accurate Caracas Map V01 mod for Cities Skylines.

Caracas Valley, Venezuela.

A more accurate representation of Caracas Valley by an actual Venezuelan, complete with more realistic Guaire and El Valle Rivers. Most maps I chequed here differ greatly from the real deal so I wanted to create a map of my own.
Most important highways are included as well.

Some minor differences to the real Caracas Valley were unavoidable, I added a train line crossing the city from south west to the northwest but in reality such line does not exist.

Both Guaire and El Valle rivers are much bigger in game than in reality. You can also check La Mariposa Reservoir to the southwest.

Due to the engine altitude limitations, the Avila Mountain range appears much smaller than in reality, however, the silhoutte is quite recognizable. Whatever you do, do not build up on the Mountains, it’s a National Park!

Hope you enjoy it, this my first contribution to Cities

Height map generated at
A mild inmersion-breaking issue is the sunrise and sunset. The sun should rise from the rigth side of the map (downstream Guaire river) but it does the opposite. I have to check the editor but I don’t think there’s a tool or setting that deals with this directly, only solution I can think of is rotating the height map before importing but I don’t feel like re-doing all that work.

Credits: (GWJ) Feeank

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