Cities Skylines – A set "Waratah" – 8 cars (Sydney Trains)

The Waratah, or A set, is the flagship of Sydney’s modern train fleet, with 78 eight car sets. There are no four car sets of the Waratah, so as an accompanying item I have caved and published a six car set here that will fit comfortably in vanilla stations. Link above!

This is not a line-coloured set. Let me know if you want one in the comments so I can gauge interest.

I’m very proud of this one, it’s the result of all the lessons I learned cutting my teeth on the T set and K set and Citaro bus, and I’m resolved to revisit and republish the T set eventually. Just look at the detail and the file size compared to the Tangara, are you kidding me?

Note: The Additive Shader mod is required if you want the blue light to light up and see the destination and LED headlights on the front, but it will work without it.

Driving trailer carriage: 2,709 / 239 tris
Motor carriage: 1,520 / 76 tris
Trailer carriage: 1,894 / 100 tris

All use the same texture (get the benefit of this using the Loading Screen mod!

1024×1024 D,A,S,I,N,C

Destination board and blue guard light (additive)
26 / 12

512×512 D

Credit(s): Robert

Download - Cities Skylines – A set "Waratah" – 8 cars (Sydney Trains)

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