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Cities: Skylines – 300 Main Street

300 Main Street for Cities: Skylines.

Ploppable RICO Enabled

About the building:
This building was kindly commissioned by RedRabbit. The workshop was in need of more small town main street corner buildings and this fits the bill!

This building is located at 300 Main Street in Ames Iowa, and was constructed in 1908. It first operated as Adams Bros. Grocery Store until 1920, when the local bank bought the building and renovated it. It is a contributing property to the Ames Main Street Historic District which was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 2018.

In-Game information:
1×4 Level 1 Commercial High
Cost: 2000
Worker count: 15

Asset information:
Main Building:
Tris – 1,800
2048×512 _d, _n, _s, _i

Tris – 12
256×256 _d, _i

Credits: hamma085

Download Cities: Skylines – 300 Main Street - Download Link #1


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